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Next in Social Intelligence and Narrative Prediction for Leading Brands

Webinar: April 18, 2024 @ 2:00 PM ET

Nebula Social™ AI equips you with the insights to predict and shape deep cultural narratives, capturing the mindshare of relevant audiences.


The nature of influence has changed. Social media platforms utilize complex algorithms to promote content, resulting in outcomes that humans can't predict. Reach may not align with follower count as AI models and complex algorithms determine what content to promote. Viral narratives boost visibility, while stale content may face downvotes and loss of influence. Brands face challenges in connecting with audiences and owning the narrative in this dynamic landscape.


Nebula Social ingests multi-modal social media data and learns from your tacit knowledge to predict viral narratives and discover new influential voices in online communities. With its semantic model powered by continual learning, long-term memory, and a multi-agent framework, it eliminates the need for manual content production. The future is here: harness the power of Nebula Social to get ahead of deep cultural narratives.

Webinar Agenda

Join us to see Nebula Social in action. Discover our cutting-edge AI agent in 45 minutes through live demos covering popular use cases.

5 mins

Who is Accrete AI

Brief company overview that tells our story and the genesis of Nebula Social.

30 mins

Introduction to Nebula Social

- Product Overview
- What’s new!
- Live Demo

10 mins

Closing Comments with Q&A

Let's talk! Get your burning AI questions answered by our experts at the end of the webinar.

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Use Cases

Understand what's happened, what's current, and what's next.

Narrative Prediction, Content Generation, & Influencer Discovery

Shape your story and weave viral narratives into your content and discover the right neo-influencers for your brand. Enhance your brand's performance and reputation by leveraging narratives that align with your values and target audience to drive viral engagement and brand loyalty.


Public Relations & Crisis Management

Stay on top of emerging viral narratives to proactively address issues and mitigate risks. Drive informed decisions at the speed of relevance. Avoid potential PR crises by monitoring real-time public opinion around your brand, client, or industry.